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Showing February 21 - February 27, 2017

Wednesday, 8/5

  • Club Minutes

    8/5/2015 11:30 AM to 1/14/2020 12:30 PM

    Group Business

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Tuesday, 8/30

  • COLADA Weekly meetings and Practices

    8/30/2016 7:00 PM to 5/4/2017 10:00 PM

    Arts & Music

    Request for space 2X per week 7-10P.m. for dance practice.  It can be in two different locations or same location. Dance studio in mid campus, Dance Studio in Kaiser, New Dance Studio(powerhouse)?  Memorial Hall fitness Center space, Davidson 123,...

Wednesday, 2/22

Thursday, 2/23

Friday, 2/24

  • African Fashion Show

    2/24/2017 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM


    This event is a display of the latest, popular African Fashion. There will be performances in between scenes to display African talents. Vendors will be present in the lobby in which the audience can purchase African attire.