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A Cappella Society

CCAS is a great place for anyone on CCSU's campus that loves to sing!

Accounting Society of CCSU (Accounting Society)

The Accounting Society holds meetings to exchange information about the accounting profession.

Active Minds Organization (Active Minds)

Active Minds is a national organization that looks to promote wellness and works to reduce the stigma that often surrounds mental health.

Actuarial Science Club (ASC)

The actuarial science club was created in 2011 with the purpose of exchanging information, promoting activities related to actuarial science, and unification of students interested in the career. We focus on having companies come in.

Africana Students Organization (ASO)

The purpose of the Africana Students Organization (AS0) shall be to promote a sense of awareness of African culture on the CCSU campus through events, empowerment discussions, and support systems; to further educate the people of CCSU on the different

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Civil Engineers, CCSU Chapter, provides support for Civil Engineering students that augments the educational programs for the development of professional autonomy in the field.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The purpose of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers shall be to promote and enhance the technical competency and professionalism in students; to further enhance the leadership skills and contributions to local society; and, to encourage

Anthropology Club (Anth Club)

A club dedicated to fostering Anthropology - the holistic, integrative scientific study of the human species (Feder & Park, 2001) Meetings are Wednesday from 12:30-1:30 and then 3-4:30 in the Social Sciences Hall, Room 416.

Art Club (Central Artists)

The Central Artists endeavor to develop an appreciation of all art forms such as painting, sculpting, handicrafts, drawing, ceramics, and photography through discussions, lectures, exhibits, trips, and workshops. Also, to create a supportive

Arts and Crafts Club (ACC)

The purpose of the Arts and Crafts Club is to promote a stress free environment and create a fun atmosphere.

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